FELCRA NIAGA SDN. BHD. (FNSB) is a wholly owned subsidiary of FELCRA Berhad. In operation since 1998, it has successfully enhanced its reputation as a company with experience and expertise specialising in fertiliser management, plantation work contract, supply of agro-chemical products and varied businesses. It has the capability to meet customer satisfaction and global standards of excellence.

With its focus on agriculture, FNSB has incorporated in its long-term development plan the aspiration to further expand its business by providing a range of the latest services that are closely related to the agriculture industry to meet the demands from within and outside the country.


To be a competitive, viable and resilient subsidiary and to evolve into a successful conglomerate.


To develop a conglomerate with the expertise and specialisation in the import of fertiliser, agricultural work contract and production of agro-chemical products and varied businesses with the capability to meet customer satisfaction and global standards of excellence.


The agriculture sector in Malaysia has gained a place and the attention of all quarters, in particular that of the government and the private sector. Technology advancement and skilled manpower are the catalyst in generating progress in this industry.

Having appraised the available opportunities, Felcra Niaga Sdn Bhd (FNSB) has expanded its business by venturing into several key areas of the agriculture sector. In consonance with the government’s objective to further develop this sector, FNSB is seen as a highly competitive organisation that is capable of meeting market demands.


Industry Experience

Brilliant Team


Advanced Systems

Competitive Environment


Making business growing in line with our mission and serve as a major contributor in the company.
To focus in fertilizer importing as a core business that will contribute to the growth of downstream activities while diversifying the revenue.
To manufacture and produce agro-chemical products to meet customer satisfaction and enable to compete in open market.
To enhance human capital with an emphasis on career development and working environment that contributes to sophisticated expertise and maximum efficiency.
To accelerate the profit margins through new businesses via branded products as well as importation.


  1. The FELCRA logo is an expression of the achievement of the goals and objectives of our organization.
  2. The logo design displays the transition of the image and the aim of its corporate direction.
  3. The red, blue and white strings combination are in line with the flag of Malaysia (Jalur Gemilang).
  • BLUE is a global color representing the business world.
  • RED describes the dynamic spirit.
  • WHITE symbolizes efficiency and clarity.

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