NPK FN1 (10:6:20:3 3+5% AJIB) is a type of fertilizer with complete and balanced macro and micro nutrients specially formulated for the nutritional requirements of oil palms in tropical soils. In addition, selected micro nutrients (in the AJIB formulation by Universiti Putra Malaysia) not only increase the weight of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) but also stimulate the lignification process in oil palm trunks and roots.

This process is a form of natural mechanical control in the palms to reduce Ganoderma disease infection. A 3-year census survey report (2011-2013) conducted at Serting Plantation indicated that the block that received AJIB fertilizer had recorded a lower incidence of Ganoderma disease infection by as much as 50% compared to the block that received ordinary fertiliser. A 2006 report on a 6-year Espek study (2002-2008) conducted at Palong Estate indicated that the use of AJIB fertiliser had contributed to 20-25% increase in FFB yield through increases in bunch weight and the number of palm fruit bunches.

Three years’ continuous use can reduce Ganoderma infection by 50% and increase yield by 20%.

  • In the agriculture industry, nutrient delivery depends on the type of crop and soil suitability. In this context, FN1 Bulk Blend Fertilizer has been formulated to suit the crop and soil.
  • To reduce incidence of the Law of the Minimum is reduced in which the crops are deficient in essential nutrients at any one time.
  • FN1 Bulk Blend Fertilizer is not only able to boost crop production but also reduce Ganoderma attack as it contains AJIB patent material.

The fertilizer application rate stated is guided by general recommendations. Nevertheless, to obtain the right requirement, it must be applied in accordance with foliar analysis and soil type.